Corporate Communications Advisory service

At Digitmaze Africa, we help our clients define and navigate the concept of business communication as it relates to and affects their business. Whether a single entity or group of companies, every organisation must treat its target audience as a unique, living and responsive organism.

From vision to value, Digitmaze Africa understands the strategy, channels and means of measuring the effect of a sound internal and external corporate communication plan and help organisations derive value for their budget.

Social media and community management

We are here to help you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress. Everything we know (and everything we know how to do) is focused on achieving the best positive sentiments for your brand. We will constantly monitor and engage your respective target audience with the end-game of converting them to loyal ambassadors.

Digital Transformation services

We help organisations establish a digital footprint upon which they can engage and convert target audience. Whether B2B or B2C, our combine deep functional and industry knowledge with proven practical skills will assist harnessing the unending benefits of the digital space.

Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory

As business evolves, so does the need of the society within which such business operates. Sustainability and CSR projects are viable means by which firms do show their support for their community and help build a better tomorrow, but most importantly, ensure business continuity. At Digitmaze, we can conduct environmental assessments and advise firms on the utmost needs in their operating environment.

African Media Buyer

We help a range of global clients secure advertisement space on African Television stations, Newspapers adn magazines to help maximise the impact of clients’ campaigns.

Executive Profiling and Digital Footprint Analytics

Business is easy to transact when you have a tangible product involved, but for many organisations, their people are actually what they sell. This is where you understand the concept of people buy from people. Digitmaze Africa do help organisations with sound executive profiling, personal branding and goodwill management. We believe very much that trust is earned and not bought, hence, our focal strength in executive profiling.